June 20, 2013

Midsummer Spell

Edward Robert Hughes - Midsummer Eve

"You will get good luck in finding a husband if you roll around naked 
in a dew-sprinkled meadow.
Looking into a well or a pond while being nude 
you can see your future husband's face."


"If you collect 7 flowers from 7 different meadows
and sleep with the flowers under your pillow, 
you will dream about your future fiancé."

Tomorrow is Midsummer Eve. I need to start looking now...
This photo is my own and from last summer.

Other Midsummer Superstitions 

Here are some superstitions that people especially in the olden times took quite seriously. 
Girls were so anxious to meet their future husband, that they believed in all kinds of superstitions. 
All these tricks needed to be conjured at Midsummer Night. 

~ If you walk around a three-sided field naked, on the third round 
you will meet your future husband.

~ If you sweep your bedroom floor naked with only a red thread on your waist 
your future husband's spirit will visit you.

~ You can have a dream of your future husband if you go to sleep 
with a left foot sock on inside out.

~ The smoke from the Midsummer Bonfire will turn to the girl 
who will get married next.

~ The top of the Midsummer Bonfire will fall down in the direction of the house 
where the next bride lives.

~ Put two mirrors facing each other and you can see your future partner in the other mirror.

~ If you run clockwise around the biggest rock on the yard with a bible in hand 
during Midsummer Eve, 
then if you return at night you'll see your future husband.

~ Listen to the call of the cuckoo, how many times you hear it, 
that many years you have to wait for your husband. 
If you can't hear any, then you'll meet your husband this year.

~ Sleep with a coin under your head and in the morning get up 
and start walking on the street. 
First man to come across will be your husband.

Happy Midsummer!


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