January 31, 2013

10 Second Interview

My 10 s Interview

Who would you want to be with on a desert island?

What's your favorite 80's band?

What music should they play at your funeral?  Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata 
Bury me with my... Diaries;)

What should your biography be titled?  Eternal Escapist

My philosophy is...   Do be do be do (Sinatra)

The key to success is...   

If I woke up as the opposite sex, I'd...   Rule the world, as they do

The best things in life are...   Not for sale

Why does paper beat rock?   The soft always wins the hard, still

If you were famous, what would you be famous for?   Words

What's the sexiest thing a man can wear?   Baby blue Oxford shirt (with a scent from drying outside and ironed after that)

Ignorance ...   Breeds vulgarity.

What always makes you smile, no matter how bad a day you're having?   My daughter, the light & love of my life

What's your dream job?   Writer (successful & well-paid)

What's the most embarrassing song in your collection?   Itsy Bitsy Spider (by Carly Simon)  

What is your favorite word?   WOW!

The sitcom about my life would be named...   ...And then she woke up!

What's your favorite type of cuisine?   Italian and Finnish  

Quick! Name a book you've recently finished reading!  

To err is...   Indeed human

Everything is negotiable in a relationship, except...   Betrayal

Why did Jack and Jill really go up the hill?   To chill

People make fun of my...   Saying the same thing twice

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?   Diplomat

The older I get, the more I...   Relax 

Take whatever you want. Just don't take my...   Memories

What are three words that sum you up?   Mom - Love - Laugh

If I were a Disney character, I'd be...   Alice in Wonderland

My worst part time job was...   Picking strawberries

What expression do you really hate?   Summa summarum

The answer to the ultimate question is...   Canada

Who is your hero?   All mothers (especially single ones)

I'd describe my sense of humor as...   Crazy

I'd do just about anything for...   Saving my child

Who would play you in a movie version of your life?   Charlize Theron (I wish:) quite optimistic)

What's your favorite brand?   Ralph Lauren and no brand 

What is your biggest fear?   Total loneliness

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?   Hasn't everyone?

What's your favorite music/singer? Oh, so many. Soul music mainly. Aretha is my Queen.

My power animal is...

Tiger (my Chinese horoscope). 
I love lions.


10 Rules for Brilliant Women

I found this blog written by Tara Sophia Mohr on Maria Shriver's site.  

"Another one of  these woman-to-woman peptalks", I thought.
This was actually very good.

I have many brilliant women among my friends and 
too often it seems their talent is not coming out the way it should. 
Who to blame? Society? Men? Companies? 
Maybe the answer is found among ourselves. 


Here are the rules shortly. Read the whole blog here

       Tara Sophia Moh

1. Make a pact. No one else is going to build the life you want for you.

2. Imagine it. What is the dream you don’t allow yourself to even consider because it seems too 
unrealistic, frivolous, or insane? Start envisioning it. That’s the beginning of having it.

3. Gasp. Start doing things that make you gasp and get the adrenalin flowing. Go for the gasps and learn how false your inner critic’s narrative really is, and how conquerable your fears.

4. Get a thick skin. Get used to wins and losses, praise and pans, getting a call back and being ignored. 
Work on letting go of needing to be liked and needing to be universally known as “a nice person.”

5. Be an arrogant idiot. Of course I know you won’t, because you never could. But please, just be a little 
more of an arrogant idiot.

6. Question the voice that says “I’m not ready yet.” Jump in the sandbox now, and start playing full out. Find out just how ready you are.

7. Don’t wait for your Oscar. Don’t wait to be praised, anointed, or validated. Don’t wait for someone to
give you permission to lead. No one is going to discover you.

8. Filter advice. Most brilliant women are humble and open to guidance. Interpret feedback carefully. 
Test advice and evaluate the results, rather than following it wholesale.

9. Recover and restore. Acknowledge the steps you’ve taken. Watch your tank to see how much risk-taking juice you have available to you. When it’s running low, stop, recover and restore.

10. Let other women know they are brilliant. Let them know what kind of brilliance you see, and why it’s so special. Watch out for thinking this will “take” too much time – when the truth is it always has huge, often unexpected returns.

Clear a path by walking it, boldly.



January 28, 2013

10 Random Things I Love


Winter turning into spring  - I am a summer girl. And spring is a sign of summer.
Lions - Have no idea why. There's just this strange connection...
My old Barbour - Comfy and cozy.
French baquette - Who's counting carbs. Not me.
The scent of cut wood - The closest memory of my childhood.
Tiramisu - Heaven on earth. And in Italy.
Vespa - Black or white. 
Miniatures - Maybe because never had a dollhouse when I was a child.
Sailing - Freedom. Freshness.
Little girls - My daughter is grown now and I'll always miss those days...



January 22, 2013

Miss You Heath


This last picture is from a scene on Brokeback Mountain.
I have never cried more in any movie than I did when watching this scene. 

This video is about the movie Brokeback mountain with the song "The Wings"
 from Argentine music player Gustavo Santaolalla.

Remembering Heath Ledger 5 Years After His Death 


ps. Read more stories e.g. on Heathbaby

ps2. See more photos of Heath on Fanpop



This little face just made my day. 
Hopefully the same happens with you. 
It's cold outside but suddenly I felt so warm inside. 
Just adorable.


January 20, 2013

Sunday Ski Trip

The Retro Skier

Today is a beautiful winter Sunday.
Not too cold, about -5 °C (yesterday -20 °C!). 
So it's a perfect day to enjoy winter. 
I am not a winter person, but I try hard. :) 

So, taking my dog out on the sea (frozen, of course), 
my crosscountry skis and a little backpack. 
Definitely including an orange, hot chocolate in a thermomug 
and a cheese sandwich. 

I have to do it the way it was done when I was a child, 
which is why I posted this photo I found. 
(Wishing it was me... unfortunately I have no pics like this left.)

Happy Sunday! 
With or without skis. 
Enjoy the fresh air and Smile with nature!  


January 19, 2013

January 18, 2013

Tomboy in Me

David Sims for Zara

Looking at all the wonderful dresses and chic style on Pinterest and Tumblr.
Sometimes I feel like they are more art than potential things in my closet.
After a while I need to return back to reality and look at more casual stuff.
Every day clothing. Just saw this picture and I felt at home.

There's always been this tomboy in me. 
The girl who is at her best when dressed like this.


ps. Unfortunately could not find the right Zara link for this.

Ralph Lauren Vintage

I love Ralph Lauren. I love everything vintage. 

Therefore I love Ralph Lauren Vintage Collection.

 Bette .

Photos via Vogue 

January 17, 2013

Kate Winslet


Kate Winslet - she's come a long way since Titanic. 
Not a perfect classic beauty, few imperfections - 
which make her so much more beautiful than some others
 considered the most beautiful women in Hollywood. 
Also her British background, the accent, gives her extra mystery.

I adore her. And her movies. 
My favourite is Revolutionary Road which I watched last night, again. 
Strong recommendation. 
These five pics of her are some of my favourites. 
Kate has done great fashion shots also, but these are more real. 
She is just so herself. 
Just a beautiful woman.



January 16, 2013

Memoir Chandelier

Today I found something interesting I would like at my house. 
I happen to love chandeliers, especially old antique ones 
(that unfortunately cost cinguemillelires, at least). 
But this one I could make myself. (This is from Pottery Barn).
I would definitely tear pages of some old books,  print old pics with sepia colour, 
add few old love notes and other personal memoirs. 

Kind of cool and sweet at the same time.


(Sorry I couldn't find it from their website, 
no matter how much sherlockholmesing I had to do to. 
Chased this from all different blogs to this one where I found the details.)

January 15, 2013



This has been a rough week. I must learn to let go. 
And not base my life on what others say or think. 
My life is too precious to be wasted on other people's moods or troubles. 
So, I will be reading this blog post of mine few times today. 
And tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. 
I am sure I will be reassured. 


Pearl Pair


 Have you ever seen a pair of shoes that look like a poem?


January 12, 2013

The Piano



Tonight's beautiful experience, umpteenth time: The Piano
Jane Campion's amazingly touching and sensual film. 
Not only the movie, but the music by Michael Nyman is out of this world.



January 8, 2013

A Child


So happy to have my daughter back home. 
Without her life is just not the same, 
home is not a home. 

The day I became a mother, 
I realized what I had been missing. 
It was a spiritual experience. 
The moment I saw her eyes the first time 
changed everything in my life. 
There was no return. 

She is and will always be a part of me. 
And I love her more than life itself. 
Guess what? 
I Love You.


January 6, 2013

Falling Star

Witold Pruszkowski via
"Falling Star", 1884, oil on canvas, National Museum, Warsaw

The Falling Star 

Saw a star slide down the sky,
Blinding the north as it went by,
Too lovely to be bought or sold,
Too burning and too quick to hold,
Good only to make wishes on,
And then forever to be gone.

 by Sara Teasdale 


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